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Essential Brow Products: Must-Have Necessities to Achieve the Perfect Brow

Essential Brow Products: Must-Have Necessities to Achieve the Perfect Brow

Are you looking for the best essential brow products to make your brows pop? Whether you need to create definition, add fullness to your brows, or shape them, we’ve found the best eyebrow makeup for beginners and seasoned professionals! You can even find eyebrow grooming kits that will help you prepare your brows so they can look their best with makeup.

Create Definition with Eyebrow Pencils

universal eyebrow pencil

For many beginners, an eyebrow makeup pencil is the least intimidating and the first product they pick up. If you want to create definition, fill in your brows, and even blend them out so they look natural, a pencil is the right tool for the job! It’s one of the brow products you absolutely need to have, no matter what you plan to do with your brows!

Having a pencil in your kit is great because there are so many different looks you can create with it. A brow pencil that has a creamy formula will be easy for your to apply but also easy for you to blend out if you want to go for a more natural look. With our brow pencil, you won’t even need any additional tools! It comes with a spoolie on the end that’s perfect for blending!

Even if you’ve never used brow products before, the pencil is one of the easiest to master. Ours works similarly to eyeliner and has a mechanical twist design, so you won’t ever have to worry about sharpening it. Use it to line the shape of your brows and then use a light hand to apply short strokes to your brows. Viola!

Achieve Full Brows with Brow Powder

brow powder product kit

Are you looking for something that looks super natural but still helps you create a bold look with your brows? Powder is among the best eyebrow makeup for beginners, mainly because of its versatility. The powder creates a feathered look that appears soft and natural! You can use powder on its own or with other brow products to get the perfect color and texture every time. You can apply powder using an angled brush and blend it out using a spoolie or a blending brush!

Setting your powder with gel is the best way to make sure you’re able to have a look that last all day or all night! The gel will go right over the powder and will lock it in. Plus, it’s easy to apply, appears professional, and makes sure your brows are polished with a bit of shine.

When you’re looking for brow products, it’s a great idea to have ones that do double duty. With gel, you can lock in your look with powder, pomade, or even pencil. Additionally, you can use the gel by itself to tame and hold hairs in place. Doing it this way creates the perfect low-maintenance look and allows you to appear 100% natural and you.

Pomade is an Easy to Use Product

brow pomade product kit

When you’re looking for the best eyebrow makeup for beginners, you can’t go wrong with brow pomade. Pomade is easy to use, gives you complete control over the shape of your brows, and is a perfect way to create a look that’s put together but still natural. While brow pomade isn’t quite as low-maintenance as some of the other brow products, it is easy to use because it provides precision and a natural finish without harsh lines. You will need an angled brush to apply the pomade and a spoolie to blend it. It’s a good idea to use an eyebrow shaping tool to make sure you know just where to put the pomade!

To use this product, you will need to dip your brush into the pomade. Lightly coat it, remember you can build the pomade up later. Create the shape and definition you want for your brows. Then, smooth it out over the hair. As the pomade starts to dry into a powder, you can use a spoolie to feather it out more.

Tools to Create the Look

eyebrow brush kit set of three

Depending on the look you want to create, you’ll need some brow tools to get started on your eyebrow journey. With the right tools, you can shape, define, and highlight all the best areas of your brows. It’s a good idea to invest in some premium brushes so you can easily apply your brow products like a pro.

Use the brushes to blend, define, and make your brows pop. Our brushes are made from synthetic materials, are infused with antimicrobial charcoal, and are vegan-friendly. They all feature soft-touch handles that make it easy to apply eyebrow makeup for beginners!

Grooming is Important

slanted eyebrow tweezers

In addition to the right brow products and tools, you’ll need to make sure you have the right tools to groom your brows, because the best eyebrow look always starts with brows that are tamed up. Whether you prefer to tweeze or wax, you’ll need tweezers for the stubborn stray hairs. It might also be a good idea to use brow scissors to trim the long hairs while making your eyebrows as even as possible.

If you’re going to have the best looking brows on the block, it’s important to make sure you take care of them before you apply makeup to them. Take good care of your brows, and they’ll always look great!