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Best Brow Kits for Beginners

Best Brow Kits for Beginners

Understanding where to start out in your eyebrow journey can be a complicated, sometimes embarrassing (queue terrifying flashback to my high school brows) process. A brow kit is a great way to get the tools you need paired together for the best outcome. We’ve put together a list of our favorite BDB Brow Kits to help you find the perfect products for you. 

A solid brow shape is the foundation of all beautiful brows. Without the right shape, brows can look unnatural, mis-matched, or place emphasis on the wrong facial features. Of all your beauty routines, your brow shape is not where you’ll want to just wing it. Take the guess work out of one of your most noticeable features by using an eyebrow sculpting tool. Sculpting tools provide a guide on where your brows start, arch, and end.

Brow Buddy Kit
Our Brow Buddy Kit uses your facial structure to discover the best brow shape unique to you. With easy to follow instructions, the Brow Buddy allows you to understand exactly where to fill in your brows. This kit also includes a pencil to mark your start, arch, and end points that won’t disturb your makeup and help you achieve symmetrical brows.

If you feel confident in your brow shape, it’s time to talk fill and color. There are a few routes to find the best brow product for your eyebrows. You’ll want to consider time you want to spend applying product, any physical factors you experience such as patchiness, environmental factors that could impact your makeup such as sweating or activities, and your desired look.

Brow Butter Pomade Kit
Brow pomade is one of the easiest makeup products to work with. Easy to apply, easy to take off, ready for hours of wear, and very forgiving while you build your brow skills, our Brow Butter Pomade Kit is our top choice for effortlessly creating bold brows. This kit includes our Mini Duo Brow Definer brush and spoolie for expert application as well as a travel case with a mirror for on-the-go beauty.

60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows
Powder brows are excellent for anyone who wants defined brows but doesn’t always have a lot of time for their makeup routine. Brow powder allows for a smooth, natural finish while thickening and shaping brows.

The 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows Kit  has our brow powder essentials including our universally flattering Taupe brow powder and our Pro Eyebrow Brush that features a firm, angled brush for application on one end and a spool for blending on the other. The powder will remain on brows throughout the day so no need to worry about touch ups.

For those who want the basics to build their brow toolkit all in one, look for kits that include primer, brushes, color, and a product to set and control brows. Reducing your amount of individual purchases and shipments helps you save money and be a more conscious consumer while getting products that are designed to best work together.  

Best Sellers Kit
Our Best Sellers Kit comes with four of our top Billion Dollar Brows products. The Universal Brow Pencil uses our creamy pomade formula to shape and define brows while the spoolie on the reverse end can be used to blend into natural brows. After defining brows, use the Duo Pencil to conceal and highlight brows by applying to the brow bone. The Smudge Brush is a professional grade, straight-edged, multi-purpose that can be used to soften eyeliner or eyeshadow and apply creamy products like the Duo Pencil. Finally, keep brows right where you left them with the Clear Brow Gel.

Condition, Color, Control Bundle
If you already have your brushes and highlighter, our Condition, Color, Control Bundle is great to get your eyebrow essentials together. Condition and prime brows with our Brow Boost to give brow products a strong foundation to last longer while simultaneously providing your brow hairs with soothing and hydrating effects from algae extract. This kit also includes the Universal Brow Pencil and Clear Brow Gel to color and lock in your look.

With all of our products being vegan, cruelty-free, free from parabens, talcum, and sulfates, there's a Billion Dollar Brows solution for everyone. Explore all the Brow Kits and bundles Billion Dollar Brows and Beauty offers for brow beginners and experts alike!