Founder Story

Meet Our Founder

"I wish somebody had explained to me how much one simple detail could affect my entire look! The bottom line is that I get it now, and you will too!"

-Natalie Plain

Raising Brows In Beauty Wasn't Always The Plan For CEO Natalie Plain

In the fall of 1995, with aspirations to become "the next Brian Williams", Natalie secured an internship at the White House under President Clinton.

After completing her work in DC, she returned home to California in pursuit of her broadcasting dreams.

"It started with credit cards & a strong belief that I could create better brow products for consumers."

-Natalie Plain, CEO/Founder

Always ambitious, Natalie started out at the local Orange County news station, but soon moved to Hollywood to work on REAL TV series & several projects with Paramount Pictures.

While producing a feature on the eyebrow industry, Natalie noticed a significant need for accessible, at-home brow products.

With this realization & her passion for problem-solving, Billion Dollar Brows was born.

In 2004, Natalie launched BDB from her tiny Los Angeles apartment.

Nineteen Years Committed To Excellence

Under the leadership and guidance of Founder & CEO Natalie Plain, BDB has grown from a startup to a multi-million dollar cosmetics brand trusted by industry professionals worldwide.