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Fake Awake Makeup: Look Less Tired in 4 Steps

Fake Awake Makeup: Look Less Tired in 4 Steps

We’re guessing if you found yourself looking at these tips, you’re searching for solutions to salvage your look after a rough night of less than your best rest. For many of us, our consistent sleep schedule disappeared around the same time those “we’re in this together” commercials seemed to run on repeat. From exhaustion-induced undereye bags and tired eyes to delayed brow and beauty appointments - there have been countless variables that have left a lot of our beauty routines in straight shambles. I mean, we’re only living through undeniable stress and uncertainty on a daily basis. To those who aren’t struggling with hitting the snooze button an extra five times these days…you are superhuman and to be feared. Also, email us with how you’re pulling it off. Seriously, email us. 

For the rest of us who would rather not exhibit our exhaustion for the world to see and have a pretty cool job but not quite “lets us nap under our desk” cool, Billion Dollar Beauty has some quick tricks for your morning routine. 

Conceal and Correct 
They say the eyes are the window to the soul and right now, our soul looks…tired. Let’s fix that. When reducing the appearance of dark undereye circles, adding more product doesn’t always necessarily more effective coverage. It is usually a safe bet to add concealer only to the darkest areas and blending out from there. For most, this will mean applying concealer using the “lifted concealer technique” which is only to the inner third of the eye, closest to the bridge of the nose, and right at the outer corner, closer to the cheekbone rather than the V-Shape method. The Billion Dollar Brow Duo Pencil has a creamy, buildable concealer end for flexible, natural looking coverage. After the initial application, blend the concealer out to cover the rest of any discoloration gently using your finger tips or the BDB Beauty Sponge for a smoother, filter-like effect. Remember to blot and dab as dragging the concealer across the skin will only bring harsh lines draw attention to the area. By balancing the skin tone beneath, the eyes will now have a brighter base for the next steps.  

Get Glowing
Not much says “I have my life together” quite like highlighter. For the most natural effect, (and the quickest, since we’re just guessing you don’t exactly have extra time to spare on mornings like these) - you’ll want to keep your highlighter application limited to the highest points of your face. Highlighter is a reflecting product, so imagine if you were in the sun, where that light would hit most prominently. This is usually the tops of the cheekbone, tip and bridge of the nose, brow bone, cupid’s bow (the small dip on your upper lip), and for some optional oomph, the inner corners of the eyes.

For higher pigmentation or if you have oily skin, try a pressed highlighter, like our Billion Dollar Beauty Highlighter Pans and blend using a Highlighter Brush. For more sheer coverage or if you have combination skin, try a cream formula, such as the highlighter tip on the Flash and Filter: Highlight and Concealer and blend using the BDB Beauty Sponge or your finger tips. If you have dryer skin or want a buildable highlighter, try the Gold Infused Illuminator and blend with your BDB Beauty Sponge.  

In our opinion, if the goal is to look up and at ‘em after a bad night of sleep, mascara is an unskippable step. Exhausted eyes almost always need an all around pick me up - think volume, length, and definition. The silicone wand of our waterproof BDB Forever Lash Mascara lifts, lengths, and curls lashes without flaking or clumping, making it a top contender for combating lackluster lash moments.

Brow Maintenance
Now that our skin is dewy, our lashes are long, and hopefully, some form of caffeine has been consumed along the way- we’ve made some real progress. However, our work is not done until the wild morning brow has been tamed which is why we’ll always recommend a strong Tinted Brow Gel for quick color and control. The tint adds warmth and fills in sparse brows while the gel keeps unruly brows set all day. Simply swipe the applicator brush from the arch of your brow through to the end. Then, at the front of the brow, lightly fill and blend.

Whether you’re still riding the high of the holiday weekend or you spent last night doom-scrolling instead of getting your full night of beauty sleep (pretty positive we’ve all been there at least once in the last two years) we all have days where our appearance reveals our not-so-great habits. In the meantime, while you’re busy working on ways to get some more snooze time, know that you’ve always got a BDB backup plan.