Brow Pomade & Powder

Brow Pomade

Our brow pomade is made to give you a desirable natural appearance with perfect precision. Our formula doesn’t dry out and is perfect for everyday wear. We have a variety of colors available that are suited for any hair color or skin complexion. Our pomade is created to be blendable making it easy to combine colors and create a custom shade that works perfectly with your eyebrow color.

Use brow pomade to get the dramatic brows you’re looking for. If you want big beautiful brows, you can get them by using the pomade. If you need color to fill in over plucked brows or you want to create definition so your brows have the perfect shape every time, pomade will do the trick.

Brow Powder

The lightweight and easy to use brow powder is perfect for anyone who wants coverage that isn’t heavy or too thick. Our powder is a great introduction into brow cosmetics and is even easy for beginners to use. Use our brow brush to thicken sparse brows or add extra volume with any one of our brow powder shades.

No matter what skin tone you have, you’ll be able to find a brow powder that works for you! Out of the four blendable shades, you can create different colors to work perfectly with your brow color. Use the brow brush to easily blend them. Whether you’re mixing powders or using one of our colors, you can use it easily. Dip your brush into the powder and glide it along your brows. The expert formula was created to reduce fallout while adding definition to your brows.

Use High-Quality Brow Products

At Billion Dollar Brows, we use high-quality ingredients to help you get the products you need to make your brows look great. Experts create our formulas to ensure all of our products have a perfect blend. Use our pomade with an angled brush to define and shape your brows. Combine it with one of our brow gel options to get a look that lasts all day!

When you’re ready to buy your brow pomade, make sure you check out the angled brush to easily apply it and the gel to seal it in. We offer free shipping on orders over $30!

Start your brow journey using Billion Dollar Brows!

Proudly Cruelty Free

We strive to make our makeup cruelty-free and our brow powder is no exception! Cruelty free means our products are never tested on animals and we stand behind that promise.

Using our vegan powders won’t change the way the makeup works. We created a natural finish so the powder works great for any type of eyebrows. Our brow experts created the formula and did so using professional standards. As a beauty enthusiast, you’ll have a chance to use a powder that’s made for professionals!

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