Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Billion Dollar BoxTM sold separately from the makeup?

Yes – The Billion Dollar BoxTM and Billion Dollar Beauty Makeup Pans are sold separately. This allows for customization and curation of your own personalized makeup palette!

Is Billion Dollar Beauty makeup vegan?


Is Billion Dollar Beauty makeup paraben-free?


Is Billion Dollar Beauty makeup cruelty-free?


How does the subscription work?

Sign up for a one-time charge of $49 and receive a Billion Dollar BoxTM, Tweezers, Makeup Brushes and a starter assortment of Billion Dollar Beauty makeup pans. For only $9.99/month after sign up, you will receive a “surprise” assortment of Billion Dollar Beauty products ranging from brows, eyes, cheeks and lips!

If I don’t want to commit to the subscription, can I purchase products individually?

Absolutely! With or without the subscription, you can go online at anytime to purchase individual products. Our website allows for you to build your own box and/or sign up for the subscription.

How is the Billion Dollar Beauty box sustainable?

The Billion Dollar BoxTM is made from 30% PCR plastic, meaning it is made from post consumer recycled plastic. Additionally, Billion Dollar BoxTM has the motto “Buy once, refill for life!” Every year, beauty enthusiasts throw away perfectly good, half-used makeup palettes. We want to eliminate that waste by allowing the customer to create their own palette with the shades they desire. Additionally, the box is re-usable.

Can I pause and re-start my subscription at any time?

Yes – at any time you can pause your subscription and resume once you are ready to get your monthly surprise again!

How many pans can fit inside my Billion Dollar BoxTM?

The Billion Dollar BoxTM can fit up to 15 makeup pans at one time.

What is the return policy?

We have a 30 day money back guarantee.

What is the size of the Billion Dollar BoxTM?

Billion Dollar Beauty box compared to iPhone size
The Billion Dollar BoxTM Dimension are 6" x 3-1/2" x 1". It is conveniently just about the size of an iphone! Easy to carry around.

What do I use to apply the makeup?

You can shop our assortment of Billion Dollar Brushes. There is a makeup brush for each step in your makeup routine!