Brow Pencils

Eyebrow Makeup Pencils

Are you looking for the perfect eyebrow makeup pencil? We have so many options to choose from! Our eyebrow pencils help you create definition, fill in sparse spots and help you make your eyebrows better than they’ve ever been. Along with our Universal Brow Pencil which works great for everyone, we also have other options that are tailored specifically to the brow look you want. You can try different looks, create more definition or add drama to your everyday makeup routine by using our eyebrow pencils.

Get the Look You Want

Our Micro Brow Pencils are great for creating definition, hair like brush strokes and shape to your brows. You can use this eyebrow makeup pencil to start your look and make it easier to fill in the rest of your brows. You can also try out our Triple Threat Brow Pencil which is perfect for both beginners and pros. These pencils give you the convenience that comes with a pencil, a spoolie and an angled brush. They’re a perfect all-in-one tool to add to your collection.

Billion Dollar Brows is committed to making brow products using the highest quality ingredients in their formulas. We offer many eyebrow makeup pencil options that are cruelty-free and vegan.

Get your brows back on track with our brow products.