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5 Eyebrow Trends Anyone Can Pull Off

5 Eyebrow Trends Anyone Can Pull Off

Staying on top of all the eyebrow trends doesn’t have to be hard or put you out of your comfort zone. Forget spider brows, tinsel brows, and rainbow brows. You don’t need to be bold to do these looks! Of course, you should never sacrifice what will look amazing for your face shape just to adhere to trends, but many of these brow shapes are simple to achieve and look great on practically anyone.

High Arches

woman with arched eyebrows

High eyebrows have been popular for decades, especially for those with a square face, and it’s not likely they’re going away anytime soon. Whether you use this trend on its own or in combination with another (thin, thick, dark, light), you can be sure they’ll always look great.

One thing that may have made this eyebrow trend come on the scene is the femininity. A higher arch is the best way to shape your eyebrows if you’re going for a hint of mystery or attitude. Just remember to control the arch and keep it natural.

You can easily create this look using a combination of grooming and makeup tools. To start a high arch, you’ll need to make sure you tweeze or wax your eyebrows into shape with an arch in the middle marked by a brow shaping tool. Start small and don’t make your arch too high. When you’ve got the perfect base shape, use a combination of brow powders and highlighters to enhance the appearance of the arch.

Thick and Natural

woman with long hair and natural eyebrows

Natural does not mean you get to skimp on grooming your brows! It can be one of the best ways to shape your eyebrows, however, because it means you can rely on their natural shape and thickness to set the stage for how you apply your brow makeup. Though you’ll still need to use brow tools to shape and define your look, this is one of the lowest maintenance eyebrow trends on our list.

Start by tweezing stray hairs outside of the brow line and make sure you have a defined shape. Make sure you don’t go too far in with the tweezers, or you could make them look thin and undefined. Use scissors to trim any brow hairs that are too long, stick out, or have started curling. Fill in bare spaces and use blendable eyebrow makeup to make the brows even more defined.

Eyebrows too thin to try this trend? Start building them up by making small strokes with an eyebrow makeup pencil and spoolie or other thin, stiff brush. You can start out with lighter colors and build up to darker ones so your eyebrows do not appear “drawn on.”

Brows with a Hard Angle

blue eye and white flower next to it and an angled eyebrow

Hard-angled brows are one of the more modern eyebrow trends you can try out. They work well with all face shapes and will look great no matter how thick or thin your brows are. The key is making sure you angle them the right way so it doesn’t look like you’re angry.

Try this as the best way to shape your eyebrows symmetrically. Start with your natural brows and tweeze them on the top and the bottom so they are a straight line. Tweeze down a bit as you come in closer to the middle of your face. A slight angle will help the eyebrows look great, but don’t do it too much. Also, remember while you’re tweezing that eyebrows are sisters, not twins. They may not be perfectly the same.

Once you’ve tweezed them to where you want them, begin building the shape. You can use an eyebrow shaping tool to define where you want them to sit and make sure you’re putting the makeup in the right place. This is one of the eyebrow trends that will go perfectly with most types of eyebrow cosmetics. It’s up to you to figure out whether you love using brow pomades, pencils, crayons, or powders!

Groomed and Thin

red-headed woman with thin eyebrows and freckles

This eyebrow trend is achieved by creating a thin shape with tweezed eyebrows. Depending on the thickness of your natural brows, you might need to have them waxed to make sure you can pull this trend off. While this shape works well for many individuals, it might not be the best trend if you have a round or angular face, as it can appear harsher than you intended.

Start out by waxing or tweezing your eyebrows to their desired thickness (just don’t go too thin). If you have brows damaged from over waxing or over plucking, consider doing the bare minimum to achieve the shape you’re looking for.

After you’ve achieved a base shape, you can use makeup to further define the brows. Highlighters and pencils are the best way to create definition for thin brows. Using the best eye makeup brushes can make these thin eyebrow trends pop even more!

Boldly Colored

woman with long lashes and thick brows wearing a hat

Are you looking for the top trends that will make your eyebrows really stand out? Bold coloring is the best way to do that! Once you’ve figured out the best way to shape your eyebrows, choose a color that’s lighter or darker than your hair and skin so they pop and create contrast. This is one of the eyebrow trends that looks great with any hair and skin combination, but it does take some confidence to pull off!

Start out with your natural eyebrows and then select a color that is one shade darker than what your eyebrows are or what you would typically use. Going too dark can make you look cartoonish, and choosing your typical color will not make the eyebrows pop at all. If you choose a color that is just one shade darker, you’ll be able to make them stand out. If you still feel they are too bold for you, consider blending the darker shade with your normal eyebrow makeup!

Easily achieve your favorite of these eyebrow trends with the right eyebrow cosmetics. Just remember to consider your own unique face shape and beautiful features before diving brow first into whatever is popular at the moment!