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The Best Eyebrow Makeup to Finish Your Look

The Best Eyebrow Makeup to Finish Your Look

The best eyebrow makeup adds polish and definition to any look. With the right tools and the right products, you can take your makeup to the next level in no time at all. Learn how to get amazing eyebrows and how to make eyebrow makeup last from the brow pros at Billion Dollar Brows—we’re here to help you get the brows you want and deserve!

Start with the Right Shape

brow buddy eyebrow shaping tool

So, before you even set out to perfect your brows with the best eyebrow makeup, you want to make sure you have the right foundation. That means getting the best eyebrow shape for your features—and brow shapes are definitely not one-size-fits-all. In order to easily determine where your eyebrows should start and end, try a brow shaping tool that takes the guesswork out of the process and uses your facial features to determine your perfect brow proportions.

Condition Your Brows

brow primer and conditioner

Even the best eyebrow makeup will perform better on brows that are healthy and well-groomed. That’s why it is key to use a brow primer and conditioner that is infused with vitamins to promote a healthy look and feel. And, when it comes to knowing how to make eyebrow makeup last—well, you definitely need a base to make your products stay in place all day long. Like a face primer or eyeshadow primer, a brow primer gives your makeup a foundation to grip on to, helping your look last for hours on end.

Filling in Your Brows: Brow Pencils

woman using a mechanical brow pencil

Once you have applied a primer and conditioner, it is time to fill in your brows to create definition and emphasis. You have many options here, one of which is the classic brow pencil. The type of brow pencils you use will vary depending on the exact look you are going for, but one thing we love about them is that they offer plenty of precision, an easy way to apply pigment, and travel easily for on-the-go touch-ups. Thicker pencils allow you to deposit lots of pigment quickly, while finer, microblade brow pencils are wonderful for precise and natural-looking makeup, so choose your pencil according to your personal brow style.

Choosing Brow Powders

shades of brow powder

For a well-defined eyebrow that still looks natural, one of the best eyebrow makeup options is a brow powder. We like brow powders because they are easy to use no matter your level of makeup experience, and they offer an easily buildable formula so you can add more pigment for more high-impact looks. They are easy to apply, foolproof, and add just the right amount of polish to make your brows pop!

Tinted Brow Gels

woman using a tinted fiber brow gel

Sometimes, the best eyebrow makeup to finish off your look is the most basic. Choose a tinted brow gel that helps thicken your brows while adding pigment for a more well-defined appearance. A tinted gel offers color and control in one super-easy-to-apply formula, and fiber brow gel, in particular, will mimic the look of small brow hairs for a natural, yet totally gorgeous, finish. A tinted brow gel is also a great way to effortlessly cover grays for a more youthful appearance.

Clear Brow Gels

woman using BDB clear brow gel

We love clear brow gel as a way to add subtle control and definition to your eyebrows, but did you know it can also be used as a top layer to help keep your brow makeup in place? The clear pigment will lock in any makeup you have on and offer increased staying power, so you can go hours without a touch-up. It can be your secret weapon when it comes to how to make eyebrow makeup last: use it with powder, brow pencils, or even with your tinted eyebrow gel for a pretty, put-together eyebrow style that won’t budge.

Layering Your Eyebrow Makeup

six-piece brow bundle kit

If you’re a makeup maven or want to experiment with even more ways to achieve your dream brows, eyebrow kits offer a great way to create countless, long-lasting eyebrow effects. Use eyebrow gels, pencils, and powders together to build a bold brow that feels like you. By layering several products together, you’ll get the benefit of added staying powder and pigments that stay put.

Contour Like a Pro

brow highlighter and concealer

While adding definition and pigment to your eyebrows is obviously crucial to creating the best eyebrow makeup, you’ll also want to consider products to help add contrast and definition to those beautiful brows. A highlighter and concealer duo will be your new best friend when it comes to contouring and making the most of your features. While contouring can sound daunting, with the right products it is totally easy: simply swipe a little bit of concealer under your arches to make those brows stand out. Then, use the highlighter product to add a touch of shimmer and make your beautiful bone structure stand out. Bonus tip: dab a little bit of the highlighter at the corners of your eyes to make you look wide awake!

Highlight Those Brows

woman using eyebrow concealer pencil

Another way to add easy definition is by using a brow highlighter pencil. Made to work for a variety of skin tones, this handy tool is designed to add emphasis to your brows without overpowering your look. Super blendable, easy to use, and portable for midday touch-ups, this product adds warmth that will make your eyebrows and your eyes truly pop. You can even use the highlighter on the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, and cupids bow for an all-over glow.

Meet Billion Dollar Brows

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