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Plucking Eyebrows at Home

Plucking Eyebrows at Home

Normally, we would leave plucking to the professionals, but we know that’s not always possible. Between COVID and busy schedules, seeing your eyebrow tech may not be a priority but maintaining beautiful brows always is so we’ve put together our suggestions on how to best use tweezers at home. 

Step one: choosing your tools
To ensure you’re able to  grab multiple as well as small, individual hairs, you’ll need to use sharp, slanted tweezers. The slant allows you to grip several hairs at once while the pointed tip can single out pesky strands outside the brow line to achieve a perfectly groomed look. If you find yourself using tweezers regularly or need a little extra comfort, try slanted tweezers with a point that comes fully together and soft-touch material, such as our stainless-steel, professional-grade Billion Dollar Brow Tweezers

Step two: prep your skin
Take a washcloth and run it under warm to hot water. Ring out the excess water until it is damp and when it has cooled to your liking, place the cloth across your brows. Leave this on for 2-3 minutes. Exposing your hair follicles to the warm cloth can help open them so hair removal is easier and less painful. If you’re in the mood for a self-care moment, add a drop or two of essential oil such as Lavender or Eucalyptus and take deep breaths as you sit with the washcloth over your brows. 

Step three: fill and shape
Before you pick up your tweezers, you’ll want to map out your ideal brow shape to give yourself a guide and find exactly where to pluck. Since intuitively knowing your own perfect brow shape is a rare skill very few possess, we highly recommend using the Brow Buddy Tool to show you exactly where your brows should start, arch, end. 

Once you’ve found your brow parameters laid out by your Brow Buddy, you’ll then start filling in your brows as you normally would with your preferred eyebrow product. It doesn’t matter if you use a Pomade,Powder, or Pencil, just as long as you can clearly see your desired brow shape, you’re good to go.

Step four: tweeze
It’s tweezing time! Make sure you find a well-lit space and closely examine the hairs which fall outside of your makeup - those are the ones you’ll cautiously remove. When plucking, use your free hand to hold your skin taut and position your tweezers to pull from the root of the hair, in the direction it’s growing. 

Step five: know when to stop
We’ve all been victims of our own plucking spree. A few hairs can quickly turn into painful, often patchy, eyebrows. Know when you should stop by taking several steps back from the mirror and leaving major brow changes to the professionals.

If you’ve over plucked one brow, it’s usually better to leave it alone - getting carried away with trying to make brows symmetrical can often lead to major disappointment and many have learned the hard way the only way to fix the brow faux pas is by letting them grow out.

As a general rule, we recommend leaving the fate of your brows in the trusted hands of a trained professional but when you need a pick me up at home, Billion Dollar Brows has you covered.