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Best Eyebrows for Any Face Shape

Best Eyebrows for Any Face Shape

If you’re just getting started on your brow journey, you might be wondering if it’s important to choose your eyebrows for face shape. While there are many things that go into choosing the look you want, it is true that determining the right brows for your face shape can have a huge impact.

Don’t know your face shape? Here’s a fun way to learn it:

Grab some lipstick and head to your bathroom mirror. Trace the shape outline of your face onto the mirror while keeping your face in a natural position. Choose the shape your drawing is most like.

Round Face

round faced woman wearing a fedora

If your face is as long as it is wide and has soft features, you likely have a round face. Eyebrows for a round face should complement your features. For example, don’t make your brows overly round to blend in with your face but also don’t give them harsh angles to counteract the roundness. Both of these will distort your soft, rounded features.

The best eyebrows for your face shape are flat with a slight curve. The flat brows create the illusion of a longer face, and the subtle curve can help complement the roundness. You can use an Eyebrow Buddy eyebrow shaping tool ($20) to choose and mark where you want your curve to sit.

Adding a slightly longer tail will help create some great dimension. Be careful not to add too much of a tail to the end of your brow, though, as that can widen your face and make it look flatter. There’s a perfect balance you’ll need to achieve, but once you do, you’ll look amazing!

Square Face

blonde square faced woman wearing round glasses

Your square face features strong angles around the outside. These angles create a well-defined face, but they can sometimes make it appear harsh if you don’t choose the right eyebrows for face this shape.

People with strong features may be tempted to go with more rounded eyebrows to soften things up a bit, but this doesn’t typically help. Instead, angled brows actually complement your outer angles. The look you may want to go for is, surprisingly, the same as eyebrows for a round face but with less of a curve. Create a flat brow so the roundness of your brows does not clash with the angles of your face.

Since square faces are usually about as wide as they are long, you may want to create some dimension to them. Lifting the arch of your brow can help add length. Choosing eyebrows for a square face shape is easy when you have a good eyebrow grooming kit that features an angled brush, and it may be able to help draw your face out to make it look wider. Just be careful not to extend them too far, as it can make your face appear flat.

Heart Face

young woman with heart-shaped face standing by trees

A heart-shaped face is characterized by a narrow chin and a wide forehead. If you have a heart face, you likely have soft curves toward the top of your hairline and angles toward the bottom. Some heart-shaped chins might be pointed, while others might be rounded. If this describes you, your best eyebrows will frame your face and downplay your angular chin.

If you want to downplay your forehead, you can do so by creating rounded eyebrows to change your face shape. The shape is similar to the natural curve of your hairline, but it can draw attention away from a wider forehead. Make sure your brows are not too long, as that can make your forehead appear wider than it is.

When you create rounded brows to go in with the curved top of your face, it could take more attention away from your chin. This is especially helpful if you have a pointed chin you want to downplay because you feel it makes your features appear too sharp.

Finally, keep your eyebrows on the shorter side and super soft and natural looking. If you can keep them closer together, it might help even more to downplay your forehead width. Choosing a soft brow will help reduce any harshness you may feel your chin has, soften the other features of your face, and create dimension on a flatter forehead. Soft brows are best created with a Brow Butter brow pomade ($18) because the shade goes on with a more natural finish.

Oval Face

oval faced woman in a knit sweater smiling

An oval face features a chin and forehead that are close to the same size. In fact, it’s rounded and has similar features to a round face. Eyebrows for a round face will look nice and complement those features.

Actually, an oval-shaped face will look nice with almost any eyebrow shape. Choosing eyebrows for face shape when you have an oval face is not hard, but there are some things you should keep in mind. One thing you might want to pay close attention to is the angle of your eyebrows. Brows that are too angular may clash with the softness and rounded edges of your face.

Another thing you’ll have to consider is the closeness of your eyes and your eyebrows. Oval faces tend to be narrower than other face shapes, and keeping your brows close together might enhance that. You may want to space your brows further apart to add width to your face.

Rectangle Face

rectangle faced woman wearing a floral crown

A rectangle face is sometimes referred to as an oblong face. These faces tend to be narrow and the chin might be wider than the forehead. With an oblong face, choose angled brows to complement your natural features.

With angled eyebrows, you can choose where you put the arch. Using a Brow Buddy will help you achieve a higher arch. The higher up you have the arch of your brows, the shorter you can make your face appear. Thicker brows might also make your face appear shorter.

Do you need eyebrows for your round face? Oval face? Any face in between? We have the cruelty-free, professional-quality eyebrow cosmetics you need to build the perfect eyebrows for your face shape, so get started on your brow journey today!