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The Best Eyebrow Shapes for Oval Faces

Eyebrow Shapes for Oval Faces

Makeup can accentuate all of our favorite features. In fact, your face shape can dramatically affect the way you do your makeup, and eyebrows are a huge element of the finished look. When approaching an eyebrow shape for oval faces, there are numerous styles to choose from and play with.

The best way to know if you have an oval face shape is if your forehead is a bit wider than your jawline and your chin is rounded. If this describes you, and you are looking for ways to take your eyebrows to the next level, keep some of our favorite oval face eyebrow styles and brow makeup products in mind as you go through your routine.

Keep it Collected with a Soft Angled Brow

woman with angled brows

A gently angled brow complements almost every face shape. The drama-free, but still eye-catching, effect of the soft angle can lengthen your face. Simply use our eyebrow shaping tool to achieve the sweeping arches required for this look. The Brow Buddy allows you to find the best place to start, end, and arch your brows based on your unique symmetry.

Once you’ve marked your ideal arch, use angled brow tweezers to clean up any unwanted hairs. Then, grab a Micro Brow Pencil with a precise tip to complete this captivating and classic eyebrow shape for oval faces. Simply fill in the brow while taking advantage of the natural arch, and blend out the product using the spoolie brush. You’ll have an elegant look that is effortless and quick!

Aim for a Dramatic, High Arch

woman with arched brows sitting on the ground

Having a dramatically high arch is a great way to make your eyes pop. When you have an oval face, eyebrows with a higher arch flatter your forehead and draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones. Using the Ultimate Brow Bundle, you can create a defined, sleek eyebrow shape you will feel confident about.

Use the creamy pencil to extend your arch slightly above the brow bone. The universal shade is formulated to flatter almost any skin tone and hair color, so it’s practically fool-proof. Apply crisp lines toward the tail of your brow, and then fill in any sparse areas with our Tinted Gel. The hair-like fibers in this gel will give your brows a fuller appearance that lasts all day.

Achieve Your Dream Brows

Billion Dollar Brows has the professional-grade products that will allow you to create the best eyebrow shape for your oval face. Explore which eyebrow shapes are your favorite so that you can feel confident every single day!

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