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New Year, New Brows: How to Achieve the Trending Natural Brow Look for 2020

New Year, New Brows: How to Achieve the Trending Natural Brow Look for 2020

As beauty industry-leading eyebrow experts, we at Billion Dollar Brows are excited to keep you in the loop on all of the latest trends. So what’s the word on the hottest brow styles for 2020?

While there’s definitely still a time and place for the dramatic and bold brow, we are seeing a shift for subtler brows for daytime in 2020. Natural brows celebrate your natural shape and color but better—a cleaned-up, slightly more defined interpretation of how your brows look before you put on your makeup. But natural eyebrow makeup doesn’t mean basic: we’ll teach you all the tips and tricks you need to know to maximize your beauty potential with amazing eyebrow maintenance and makeup.

Start with the Right Shape

Natural brows are still groomed brows, so in order to get the best eyebrows possible, you’ll need to start with the right shape: not too thin, not too thick, and no stray hairs in sight. This is a crucial step in your routine, as well-shaped brows will help show off all of your features and frame your face. Determining the proper brow shape for your face can feel confusing at first, but don’t worry—we’ve developed some amazing tools to guide you to the best brow shape for you.

The Best Tools

Billion Dollar Brows Eyebrow Shaping Tool

Billion Dollar Brows’ Brow Buddy Kit ($20)

Symmetry is important for great natural brows, which is why our founder developed our bestselling eyebrow shaping tool that is adjustable according to your personal facial features. This tool helps you determine where your brows should start, where they should arch, and where they should end, for eyebrows that complement your face. It’s easy, fast, and even fun!

A Clean Look

stainless steel brow tweezers

Billion Dollar Brows’ Tweezers ($20)

Creating natural brows doesn’t mean you ignore brow maintenance. Once you understand where your brows should start, end, and arch, use our slanted tweezers to remove any stray hairs or hairs that fall outside of your determined brow shape. You’re aiming for a clean and tidy brow, but no need to overpluck—lusher, fuller brows are totally in.

Add the Right Kind of Definition

taupe brow pencil

Billion Dollar Brows’ Universal Brow Pencil ($18)

While bold, dark brows are definitely fun for evenings out, for your natural look you’re going to want to go for subtler definition. A creamy and blendable pomade-style eyebrow pencil, like our Universal Eyebrow Pencil, will give you just the right amount of color and emphasis without the risk of going overboard. The spoolie at the end of the pencil makes it easy to blend the product for a smooth finishing touch.

Brow Gel for All-Day Control

fiber brow gel

Color & Control: Tinted Brow Gel ($18)

A brow gel with a subtle tint will keep you looking bright-eyed and gorgeous for hours on end. When looking at your eyebrow gel options, keep in mind what kind of formula and applicator will give you the most natural brows—you want to avoid that telltale painted-on brow that will overwhelm your face.

Our fiber brow gel is specially designed to mimic the look of small hairs, so you get a flawless finish every time. The volumizing applicator wand creates fullness and helps you apply the perfect amount of product for beautiful definition every single time.

A Truly Natural Option


natural clear eyebrow gel

Billion Dollar Brows’ Brow Gel ($16)

Of course, true brow minimalists or makeup beginners could simply use a clear brow gel to add a little definition and control with one easy-to-use product. We like clear gels because they are absolutely foolproof and eliminate any possibility of uneven pigment or smudges. You can also use a clear gel as an on-the-go touch up option once you’ve completed your brow look for the day: a perfect way to feel pretty and put together for those times when you need to take your look from the office to happy hour or date night.

An All-in-One Brow Beauty Set

ultimate brow bundle

The Ultimate Brow Bundle ($49)

If you’re really looking to up the ante on your natural brow game this year, consider an all-in-one set that gives you the shaping and defining brow tools and products you need to take back your brows in 2020. Our amazing ultimate brow bundle is just what you need to kick off your brow resolutions with professional-grade tools and cosmetics designed to perfect your brow game and let your features shine through.

Discover Premium Beauty Products at Billion Dollar Brows

Billion Dollar Brows was founded with the goal of helping our customers get the brows they want and deserve. All of our exclusive products, brushes, and tools are vegan and cruelty-free and are made from the highest quality ingredients and materials—meaning these are professional-grade products you can trust. Discover our bestselling, natural eyebrow makeup that will totally transform your beauty routine.