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Four Steps to Flawless Brows with BDB

Four Steps to Flawless Brows with BDB

Eyebrows are at the core of a beautiful beauty routine. Most of us can leave the house without a stitch of makeup...except for our brows. When done poorly, brows can easily ruin a look, however great eyebrows elevate and enhance your makeup to act as the frame for your face.

Creating stunning brows at home can be anxiety-inducing, especially if you’re new to doing your eyebrows. We’ve broken down some simple steps to get your ideal look with Billion Dollar Brows.

Ensuring your brows are properly aligned to your face shape and features is crucial to the perfect brow. Begin with the BDB Brow Buddy Tool, which helps define the start, arch, and end of your ideal brow shape. Unlike stencils which take a one-size-fits-all approach, The Brow Buddy uses your individual face symmetry to create perfect brows with every use. 

Prime & Condition
Setting a strong base is vital for creating long-lasting brows that pop. Eyebrow primer helps establish an even, opaque application of product for all-day wear. 

Just as important as priming your eyebrows for makeup application, is making sure to condition your brows. Healthy eyebrow hair which is protected against breakage and environmental factors can result in a naturally fuller look. Our Brow Boost: Primer & Conditioner both primes and conditions with clean ingredients like Squalane and brown algae extract to hydrate and nourish your brows while prepping for product. 

There is an array of choices for filling in and adding color to your eyebrows. From tinted gels to pomades, powders, pens, and pencils - the options are endless! 

If you’re not sure where to start, we always recommend our Universal Brow Pencil 

This simple product packs a punch and is excellent for beginners and experts alike with a creamy formula that blends effortlessly into natural brows. If you’re always on the go or staying cute on campus (link to BTS promo) you can add your shade of Pomade or Powder (or both!) as a Billion Dollar Beauty Box refill so you’re never without your brow essentials!

Lock in your look after you’ve applied your brow product with a setting gel. After applying, you won’t need to worry about your eyebrows smearing or vanishing while you’re out showing off your brow skills to the world. Our professional-grade Brow Gel ensures brows stay in place without any clumping or flaking so you can feel confident your brows are exactly where you left them. 

We believe beautiful brows can be achieved by anyone with the right tools and guidance. Whether you’re a seasoned brow stylist or just starting out, Billion Dollar Brows has you covered for every step of your brow journey.