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Common Makeup Routine Mistakes

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Even if you feel like your makeup looks great, there are still some makeup mistakes you could be making. These mistakes are common and easy enough for even professional makeup artists to make. If you want your makeup to look its best, though, try to avoid these things!

Not Priming Your Makeup

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A primer is essential to make your completed look stand out and make it last for hours. A quality primer creates a base for your makeup and will give you a chance to make sure your product goes on where you want it and stays where you want it, no matter what happens throughout the day. Even when you’re in a rush, avoid the makeup mistake of not properly preparing your face.

One of the most common makeup mistakes is using the same primer for your whole face. You likely don’t want to use the same primer you use for your foundation as you use for your eyes. A good eyebrow primer and conditioner ($29) will keep your brow look in place, condition your eyebrows, and can set the stage for truly finished appearance.

Drawing Your Brows on Freehanded

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Another one of the big makeup mistakes people make is trying to put their eyebrows on freehand. This is an especially common problem for people who are just entering the brow game. Unless you’re a professional makeup artist, chances are you won’t be able to put your own eyebrows on without using a tool. They can look sloppy, will not have the correct angles, and likely won’t fit with your face shape.

Using a tool will help you get the perfect angle for your face and will allow you to draw your eyebrows on right each time. The Brow Buddy kit comes with a tool for choosing the right length and shows you were to arch your brows. It also has a pencil you can use to mark your brow and avoid makeup mistakes when putting your brows on.

Knowing which shape you want before you start drawing your brows on can make a huge difference. The perfect eyebrows for your face shape will actually compliment your natural features.

Choosing the Wrong Foundation Shade

Did you know your skin can be different shades for different seasons of the year? Many people choose to have a foundation they use in the summer and one they use in the winter, but the color you need can change even more often than that. Make sure you check your foundation regularly to avoid one of the most critical makeup mistakes related to building your base.

Another one of the common makeup mistakes you can make with foundation is not choosing your color in the right light. If you can, choose your makeup in natural light. You should not test your foundation on your arm. Instead, swatch the foundation on your face so you can make sure it matches your complexion. Another issue some people run into is not giving themselves time to adjust to the makeup on their skin. Let your foundation sit for a few minutes and then come back to look at it. This will help you get used to it on your face and figure out if it’s really blending.

When you choose the right color of foundation, you should also make sure you’re choosing the correct tools to apply it (spoiler: your fingers aren’t tools). Using the right foundation, combined with a flat foundation brush ($18) that won’t leave streaks, can make a huge difference in how your makeup goes on and how it looks once you’ve applied it.

Not Choosing the Right Brow Color

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The wrong eyebrow shape is only one of the many makeup mistakes you can make with your brows. The wrong color can also create problems for your face. Choose an eyebrow color that closely matches yours, but make sure you blend it out. In some cases, you might have to choose one or more colors to build them out and create the perfect shade.

A blendable and buildable shade is one of the things you should look for when choosing eyebrow makeup. However, it’s easy to get carried away with many different color choices, therefore a universal pencil that comes in blendable shades is the best way to perfectly match your brows.

Trying to Over-Contour Your Face

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While you may be tempted to contour your face to create dimension and even make yourself appear thinner, it might not always be the answer. Sometimes, it’s better to avoid contouring because messing it up can be one of the biggest and most obvious makeup mistakes you can make. Over contouring will make your face look “off” and can cause you to look like you’ve spent too much time with self tanner.

Instead of contouring, you can add depth and interest to your face by doing your brows! If you haven’t experimented with brows before, it’s time for you to start. You’ll want to begin with tools and makeup designed specifically for your eyebrows. Using an eyebrow makeup kit that has everything you need is the best way to start your journey.

Using the Wrong Brush

vegan face brush trio from Billion Dollar Brows

Different brushes have different purposes, and choosing the wrong makeup brush is one of the most common makeup mistakes you can make, even as a professional! While you don’t need a collection of hundreds of brushes to apply your makeup on a daily basis, you should have brushes for specific purposes. Angled brushes, for example, are great for applying brow product, while contour brushes work better for applying highlight and contour to your face.

If you don’t have any makeup brushes, it’s a good idea to build your collection up. If you want to help boost your brush inventory, getting your hands on a brush kit is one of the quickest ways to do it!

Don’t get caught making these makeup mistakes! Use our tips, brow makeup, and tools to get the look you deserve.