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Beauty Above the Mask: Brow Styles We’re Loving Right Now

Beauty Above the Mask: Brow Styles We’re Loving Right Now

Beauty trends change multiple times a year, but this year has certainly been a creative one. With mandatory masks causing us to hide away half of our canvas, attention to our eye makeup and brow styles has taken the spotlight. Billion Dollars Brows wants you to be confident and safe at the same time! That’s why we have designed numerous brow tools and brow makeup that will have you feeling radiant, inside and out.

There are different eyebrow styles we’ve been keeping our eyes on lately, and we think they look great with every mask. Now, our vegan, cruelty-free makeup products give you the tools you need to achieve these gorgeous styles every day.

Subtle and Gentle Arches

woman with arched brows wearing a black mask

The slightly arched brow has been a go-to favorite for us, and not just because it’s a low-maintenance style with a high reward. A lazy day blessing, this staple look doesn't need much more than an eyebrow grooming kit to keep things tidy.

Once you’ve removed any unwanted brow hairs, apply our precise Brows On Point Micro Pencil. Fill in any sparse areas towards the end of your arch using short, hairlike strokes. Use the spoolie to blend the product and create a natural finish. Your subtle arches will keep your brow style looking elegant and elevated!

Sleek and Straight

woman with straight brows wearing a mask

This shape is refined but still dramatic enough to make a statement. At BDB, we always appreciate a sleek, yet sophisticated, brow look. Therefore, we’ve created some of the best brow pencils and gels to help you achieve a defined, straight brow style easily.

To create a straight brow shape, you’ll need regular maintenance and our fiber brow gel. Focus on shaping your brows with a dual-ended brow brush. Brush the hairs up and pluck any strays. After that, you can apply the tinted gel to create full brows that will last all day. Popular on the catwalk and a classic look for any occasion, we love a sleek and straight brow style.

Dazzlingly Dramatic Arches

woman with dramatic brows wearing a mask

One of the best eyebrow looks for any face shape is a fun and dramatic arch. Gorgeous and flattering, this brow style can add some expression to one of the only parts of your face people can see right now. It’s important to note that different eyebrow styles require you to start, arch, and end your brows in different places. Our Brow Buddy tool can help you establish the higher arch this look requires.

After you’ve marked the high point of your arch using a white pencil, fill in your new shape using our Universal Brow Pencil. Focus on outlining the ends of your brows with crisp lines, and then fill in any sparse areas using our Tinted Brow Gel. This easy-to-do makeup look will catch eyes and capture hearts in no time.

Be Safe and Confident

It’s always important to take time out of our lives to make ourselves feel good. At Billion Dollar Brows, we believe in dedicating time to the luxury of focusing on the little things, like our eyebrows. You can achieve professionally-styled eyebrows without breaking the bank or going to an expert with the help of Billion Dollar Brow’s extensive selection.

Our cruelty-free products give you the opportunity to explore different eyebrow styles while wearing a mask. Give your brows the love they deserve. Add BDB to your go-to list of products today.