Tips and Tricks

  • Fake Awake Makeup: Look Less Tired in 4 Steps

    We’re guessing if you found yourself looking at these tips, you’re searching for solutions to salvage your look after a rough night of less than your best rest. For many of us, our consistent sleep schedule disappeared around the same time those “we’re in this together” commercials seemed to run ...
  • Brow Tips and Tricks from an Esthetician

    We're happy to add a set of recommendations on brow maintenance from skincare expert, Niecy McCoy who is a licensed esthetician and manager at Beauty Bridge.
  • Best Brow Kits for Beginners

    Understanding where to start out in your eyebrow journey can be a complicated, sometimes embarrassing (queue terrifying flashback to my high school brows) process. A brow kit is a great way to get the tools you need paired together for the best outcome. We’ve put together a list of our favorite BDB Brow Kits to help you find the perfect products for you. 
  • Plucking Eyebrows at Home

    As a general rule, we recommend leaving the fate of your brows in the trusted hands of a trained professional but when you need a pick me up at home, Billion Dollar Brows has you covered. We’ve put together our suggestions on how to best use tweezers at home. 
  • Four Steps to Flawless Brows with BDB

    Eyebrows are at the core of a beautiful beauty routine. Most of us can leave the house without a stitch of makeup...except for our brows. From brow pomades, brow powders, brow pencils, brow gel, and eyebrow tools - we’ve broken down some simple steps to get your perfect brows with Billion Dollar Brows.
  • Why Did You Start Your Business? Meet Natalie Plain

    Natalie Plain has been invested in eyebrows since she was a child. Born with bushy brows, as a young girl, Natalie begged her mom to allow her to get her eyebrows shaped by a professional. Finally, her mom relented, and at age 15, she got her first appointment at a salon. After a 30-minute consu...
  • Cute (and Simple) Eye Makeup Looks That Are Perfect for the Holidays

    The holiday season brings all sorts of events, even socially distanced. Just because we aren’t celebrating like previous years doesn’t mean we can’t dress up! There’s no better way to enhance your holidays than with cute eye makeup looks that will turn heads (even virtually!). Keep reading to lea...
  • Essential Makeup Brushes Every Beginner Needs

    Maybe you’ve watched beauty influencers apply products on YouTube. Maybe you always love the way your best friend’s makeup looks. What you may not realize is that it’s not always about the products these individuals are using. Sometimes, it’s all about the quality and style of their cosmetic brus...
  • Brow Powder Vs Pomade: Understanding the Differences

    With so many great eyebrow products available, it can be a little difficult to choose which ones are right for your particular brow goals. Some products are better suited for taming thick brows, while others allow you to build up thin brows. Brow powder and pomade, for example, are common cosmeti...