Billion Dollar Blur Bundle

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Product Details

Billion Dollar Blur Bundle

Our Gold-Infused Illuminator makeup will help you create a gorgeous, natural glow without looking over-the-top. The subtlety of this face illuminator liquid is versatile enough to wear to work or out to brunch.

Whether you're enjoying the outdoors in the day time or dancing the night away with friends, this illuminator will guarantee that glowing-from-within look. 

Our foundation applicator sponge holds the perfect amount of your Gold-Infused Illuminator, liquid foundation, concealer, or highlighter. Effortlessly smooth a controlled amount onto your skin for a flawless look, every time.

To finish off the look, The Billion Dollar Brows Microblade Effect: Brow Pen is a breakthrough innovation in waterproof brow makeup!

Using this eyebrow pen with microblade-like tip, you can build thick, bold brows and experience the microblade look without the cost or commitment.

Choose from three colors: blonde, taupe, and raven, or blend more than one to get your ideal shade.